PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh

 PHP Training InstituteAre you looking for PHP Training Institute? Well,  PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh is the best PHP training center. We offer career-oriented PHP training that intensifies the ability of the students according to industry standards. The PHP Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh has been prepared to keep in mind the latest updates in the industry. The learners are given the convenience of flexible timings. If you still think about whether PHP is the right career decision for you, then enroll in PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh for an enriching experience.

PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh is the best place to sharpen your skills in PHP. Whether you are a fresher or experienced specialist, you will benefit from our extensive training. PHP is a dynamic language and has a modest learning curve. PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh has expert trainers who lucidly teach the fundamentals of PHP.

PHP is one of the fastest emerging server-side scripting languages. Various top websites are developed on PHP. Besides, it has great structures that make web development much more flexible. Some very many specialists are working in the PHP scenario, and PHP has a good demand. You can gain your skills through real-time PHP training in Chandigarh. We provide PHP training by giving you the skills that are needed to become a professional PHP developer. Though there is theory embedded in our training, we focus more on practical sessions so that you are prepared for the real-time scenario.

Our PHP training syllabus is based on present industry standards. This acts as a benefit to the trainees since they can learn the renewed PHP concepts. The duration of the PHP course is also flexible according to the appropriateness of the candidate. Working professionals require to not worry about the timing since they are provided with the benefit of weekend or fast track classes. The trainers are also highly competent in their subject matter. Our practical PHP classes guide you in comprehending how to write PHP programs.

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Mohali Training Institute
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Training Institute Mohali
Mohali Training Center
Training Center Mohali
Computer Center Mohali
Computer Training Mohali
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Mohali Institute

Placement assistance is one of the strengths of PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh. We offer 100% job placement support. Placement grooming concepts, involving mock interviews and technical reviews, are conducted by us so that the applicant becomes industry-ready. We know that besides technical skills, the candidate should hold soft skills too to succeed in the career. For this reason, PHP Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh provides soft skill training to the candidates. There is also the advantage of gaining aptitude and interview skills once the candidate enrolls with us. Finally, the learner will learn a corporate attitude after the completion of the PHP industrial training.

About PHP Course

With the highest Google 5-Stars review ratings, PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh stands out to be the prominent PHP training institute. ‘Word of Mouth’ is the source that made PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh popular, and on students’ demand, the tradition had to open its training centers in Chandigarh a few years ago. Honest and skill-based PHP Industrial Coaching in Chandigarh is the core methodology that our PHP trainers share with PHP students. Aspirants registered in PHP classes in Chandigarh find their lab practice assignments correlating with live projects. The self-developed lab assignments by our professional trainers assist students in skill improvements. Furthermore, our industry professional trainers develop real-industry complications in the lab, in which students are assigned to resolve the following industry satisfaction. The kind of PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh imparts to students enables them to push their learning capabilities to the extreme and discover confidence in resolving complex issues during employment tenure. PHP classes and lab practice sessions enable participants to turn out to be potential applicants during PHP interviews. PHP Training center in Chandigarh has exceptional IT infrastructure that helps trainers in teaching systematic coaching concerning the PHP technology to their batches. Our PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh provides participants with better planning ideas, rapid implementation techniques, and outstanding hands-on programming language. The PHP Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh begins from coaching basics to advanced level training during PHP classes in Delhi.

PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh has a modern lab equipped with the latest devices that facilitate participants in having a thorough hands-on experience through live projects. Such training in Chandigarh boosts the confidence level in participants to face the real-time challenges successfully in a job. The PHP syllabus involves for PHP course module on real time projects along with placement assistance. PHP topics included are Introduction To PHP, PHP LANGUAGE BASICS, Syntax, PHP IDENTIFIERS, HP CONTROL FLOW BASICS, PHP FUNCTIONAL BASICS, FILE SYSTEM BASICS, VELOPING PHP APPS, CHALLENGE PROJECT & Many more. Check the duration, course content and program given below.

PHP Training Course Syllabus

Here is the complete PHP syllabus. The syllabus is renewed and is the best.

Designing Web Applications HTML

  • Introduction to world wide web (www) HTML
  • Internationalization Accessibility
  • Character Encoding & References Document Structure
  • Meta Tag & Heading Elements
  • INS & DEL Tags Lists & Items
  • Constructing Tables
  • Floating
  • Objects & Formatting
  • Fonts With Styles
  • Layout Design with
  • Frame Form Control & Types Elements Attributes
  • Structuring with Field set Access Key and  Table Index
  • Disabled & Read|Only Controls
  • Index of Elements Index of Attributes


  • Introduction to JavaScript JavaScript and HTML
  • JavaScript Statement
  • Write & Writeln
  • Values & Variables
  • Literals & Comments
  • Expression in JavaScript Operators
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loop Statements
  • Object Object Model
  • Functions in JavaScript Navigator
  • Object Hierarchy
  • JavaScript Reflection
  • Window & Frame Object
  • Document & Form Object
  • Location& History Object
  • Working with Windows & Frames
  • Working with MIME Types | Playing Sounds

CSS Cascading Style Sheets

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Containment in HTML
  • Grouping & Inheritance
  • Class as Selector
  • lD & Contextual
  • Selectors Comments
  • Pseudo
  • Classes Pseudo
  • Elements
  • Cascading Order
  • Formatting Model
  • List item elements
  • Floating & Inline elements
  • Notation for Property Values Font Properties Color and Background Properties
  • Text Properties
  • Box Properties
  • Classification properties Units & URL

Document Object Model (DOM):

  • Basics of DOM
  • DOM Hierarchy
  • DOM Methods
  • Functions
  • Form Collection
  • Table Collections
  • Inner HTML
  • Nodes & Child Nodes
  • DOM with HTML & CSS.Basics of AJAX
  • Using XML HTTP Request object
  • AJAX with XML
  • AJAX with PHP
  • AJAX with MYSQL
  • Model View Controller Architecture


  • Extensible Markup Language
  • DTD to define XML Documents
  • XML Documents and  validating them against a DTD
  • XSL to transform XML Documents & Presenting the Data in a Web Browser
  • XML Document Object Model
  • Active Server Pages with XML
  • XML in SOAP


  • PHP Configuration
  • PHP Configuration parameters
  • PHP data types
  • Resources in PHP Portability / Compatibility issues
  • Managing Data, Time and Calendar functions
  • Scope of variables and functions
  • Dynamic Function Calls Parsing variable arguments in functions
  • Predefined PHP functions
  • Predefined PHP
  • Variables and constants
  • Overview on XML
  • Validating and Non-validating
  • XML
  • DTD/XSD/Relax
  • Understanding
  • Namespaces an overview of XPath
  • Parsing XML in PHP Utilizing the Simple XML Parser
  • An overview of W3C DOM
  • PHP Database Connectors and API
  • An overview of native Database connectors
  • Database abstraction libraries


  • MYSQL Databases with PHP
  • MYSQL vs MYSQL extensions
  • Managing the MYSQL database with MYSQL extensions
  • Handling Duplicates Performing Transaction using Stored Routines Triggers & Events
  • Backup MYSQL Database
  • Introduction to MySQL on the Web

Why PHP?

The scenarios of PHP can be brought for usage on broadly known operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Mac OS and many more. It also supports most of the web servers that include IIS and Apache. Usage of PHP by the web developers grants them the freedom of keeping their web server as well as the operating system.

In PHP- server-side scripting is known to be the main operational area. The server-side scripting with PHP is comprehensive of:

PHP Parser: a program that is accountable for converting human-readable code and source into a format that can be easily understood by the computer
Web Server: It is a program responsible for completing files that create web pages from the user requests.
Web Browser: It is an application used for promoting the content on the World Wide Web.
In such cases, merely by creating use of the PHP parser, the PHP script can be easily performed without a server browser or a program. Thus in this way, the PHP script is normally used for easier text processing tasks such as task schedulers.

Further PHP also obtains its usage for the creation of client-side applications such as desktop applications. These are usually characterized by a Graphic user interface. With substantial knowledge of using advanced PHP features like PHP-GTK, one can generate client-side applications.

Here are the advantages or benefits of learning PHP:

Easy to Learn

PHP is easy to learn, even if you have no more skills in programming. It is one of the primary benefits of learning PHP. Compared with other programming languages, PHP does not require one to spend a lot of time studying a manual. A comprehensive web page will develop just a single PHP file.

Familiarity with Syntax

PHP has a compelling and easily readable syntax. So, it is very easy, and programmers are really easy coding with it. If you have any programming knowledge in both C and Perl, then studying PHP will be very easy, as its syntax is very related to these programming languages.

Free of Cost

Since PHP is an open-source web development language, it’s absolutely free of cost. PHP is available for free to every user, and the community of PHP developers gives an excellent technical support. Therefore, all its parts are free to use and distribute.


PHP is one of the best user-friendly programming languages in production. It also offers more flexibility than C, C++, and ASP and overall helps in improving traffic to the website. To develop complex, dynamic and user-friendly web applications, PHP is only the first choice for all web developers. So, this feature is one of the main advantages of learning PHP

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Mohali Training Institute
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Training Institute Mohali
Mohali Training Center
Training Center Mohali
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Supports All of the Leading Databases

Besides, PHP supports all of the leading databases, involving MySQL, ODBC, SQLite and more. It is the main benefit of using PHP for web development.

Objectives Of PHP Training

The purpose of our PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh is to provide them with the right skills and knowledge to meet the manpower necessity of the industry. On completion of PHP Industrial training in Chandigarh, Training students will be able to develop websites and applications using PHP Technologies.

Complete training will be provided in such a way that the students themselves deploy to create their own PHP application or website on a live server or cloud to show their potential during interviews. To attract user interface for an application, we give excellent training in JavaScript and AJAX. The learners will be able to analyze and congregate the features required by clients individually.

Career opportunities

Those who want to take up a career in PHP can get the best PHP training course. PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh prepares you in such a way that there is an infusion of practical coaching. There are many opportunities for PHP programmers in the modern world.

The aspiring students want to get the job according to his/her choice. Best PHP Institute helps to sharpen the skills of the candidates. As per the job functions, PHP developers may be classified into software developers or web developers. PHP developers are found in web design companies, software companies, etc. They deal with object-oriented programming, troubleshooting, web application development etc.

PHP web development tool is an imperative tool in the modern web design scenario. Make the most use of it from the best PHP Institute. Beginners should seek efficient PHP training to gain a good head-start in their profession.

Future Scope of PHP Developer:

Apart from having many job opportunities at the moment, you can rest assured about your future as a PHP developer. The following points highlight the hopeful future of PHP:
• Visibility over the internet: PHP is the most famous language for millions of websites like Wikipedia, Tumblr, etc. If you go online and randomly pick some websites, you will find many websites with a .php extension.

• PHP in blogging: Since PHP is simple to read and easy to adopt, it is generally used in blogging websites like WordPress.

• CMS supporting PHP: With the support of CMS, publishing a website can be done speedily and easily in PHP.

• PHP and MySQL: For server-based web applications utilizing a database, MySQL can be used with PHP. Database support by MySQL can be adopted easily by even non-technical developers.

• Simplicity of PHP: The simplicity of PHP has added to its enormous popularity and assures its presence in the future over other complex languages.

• Regular updates in PHP: New frameworks are continuously being added in PHP to keep it feature-rich and up-to-date with the most advanced technologies.

If you want to give a competitive edge to your career as an expert PHP developer, you can choose PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh. Their certification course in PHP offers extraordinary knowledge in writing PHP codes for any project by the best PHP experts. The coursework is optimized to achieve a higher success rate for all the students.

Why PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh?

PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh is one of the leading PHP Training Institute that empowers students in PHP. Our professional trainers are highly proficient in executing PHP codes. Besides, they teach in an easy manner such that with a bit of effort from your side, you can write the PHP code instantly. The batch size is not more than 4 to 5 students per batch since we believe in giving individual attention to the students. We give attention to hands-on practical sessions so that the student is prepared for the live scenario. Once the learner completes the PHP Industrial Training in Chandigarh, then they are given the benefit of placement assistance. Notwithstanding, we make sure that the student is groomed even in life skills.

  • Reputed Training institute & Recognized name in PHP Industrial Training Institute in Chandigarh.
  • Offers Truly Quality Education and Focus on Satisfaction of Corporate learner.
  • Provide Career Oriented Training to the Applicants and give them that Bright Future.
  • Well-equipped With Computer labs and Manages on Weekends as well as Weekdays Batches with Flexible timings.
  • Certified & Industry Profesional Trainers with hands-on Experience for 8-10 years in the IT Industry
  • Provides Special Programs for IT Students and Non-IT learners who are looking for their Career Growth in IT.
  • Provides courses which are Highly Demandable in today's market.
  • Provides a certificate at the end of all our courses on successful completion of Training.
  • We have a Network with IT Companies and professional who understands our course content as relevant to current needs.
  • We have a committed Placement Cell for our Students Placement.


  • PHP Industrial Training Center in Chandigarh emphasizes Quality training and offers 100% Placement assistance.
  • We have a dedicated Placement Team for our Students' job Placement Assistance.
  • We have placed 1000+ candidates in many technologies. We train you as per company needs and Job profile.
  • We guide you in forming a resume; arrange a mock interview which is a simulation of actual Job Interviews with our experts.
  • Our mock interview assists you to understand interview strategies and helps you to crack actual Job Interviews.
  • We frequently manage training on Communication Skills, Aptitude, and Group Discussion to improve Students Employability.


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