Tiffin Services in Mohali


Phase-4,5,7,3B-1 & 3b-2

Tiffin Services in Mohali is one of the leading healthy food tiffin center services in Mohali. We provide healthy and tasty food home delivery service in Mohali. Ever since the initiation of Healthy Rasoi, it has been constantly working on taste with a prime focus on the hygiene of food. In a small space of time, our Food Tiffin Service in Mohali has established its footprints in several parts of Mohali. The success story of our food tiffin services in Mohali is mainly due to the taste and the meals are provided at a very reasonable cost.

Tiffin Services in Mohali has a prime objective to be one of the best tiffin services with a prime focus on the quality and tasty food. The taste and quality of our food have not only been appreciated by our customers but also we have bagged customers residing that come from different states of India. Our Tiffin Center Service is enhanced with a rich menu and provides various varieties of food that is delivered to various offices, hostel, and residence that are our regular customers.

The food is procured from our network of home chefs, who use only garden-fresh ingredients to prepare immoral dishes in home kitchens that are obedient to sanitization guidelines. Once made and packaged, our delivery team takes over and manages for timely delivery so that you get to enjoy fresh, tasty, homemade meals, served straight from the kitchen to your table. What makes us different, you ask? Our food is made in small numbers and love and passion are the only additives that go into it!

We provide all the information related to the food menu and tiffin box serving. We constantly update our website's food menu that is incorporated as tiffin box serving that is delivered to the doorsteps of our customers in Mohali.

Our Tiffin Services at Phase-4, Phase-5, Phase-7, Phase- 3B-1, 3B-2.

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Training in Mohali
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Traditionally cooked food with Homemade Taste


Tasty dishes are made in a traditional way like Palak Paneer, Corn Palak, Methi Aaloo, Bhindi, Gavar, Veg Jalfrezi, Dal Makhani, Rajma, Chole Masala, etc served.


Plain Rice/Jeera Rice/Pulao/Biryani served with real taste.


Soft chapatis, Indian style, Bhakri, and Parathas served with a touch of Desi Ghee*.


Green salad/Corn Salad/Pasta/Sprouts/Papad/Raita/Sweets/Pickle served every day to surprise you.


Smart Food

Tiffin Services in Mohali is featuring the freshness and the nutrition of the food, to give yourself, the ‘Qualitative Food' that will give you homemade taste.

Lots of Surprises

When you begin your tiffin, you will get wondrous surprises on your special days.

Quality Services

Our delivery man will assist you with a smile and you can rate this guy on our app accordingly.

Our Home Guide

We keep on renewing the list of rooms regularly, which will minimize your problem to some extent. With this information, you can directly interact with the landlord.

Training Institute
Training Institute Mohali
Mohali Training Center
Training Center Mohali
Computer Center Mohali
Computer Training Mohali
Institute Mohali
Mohali Institute
Institutes in Mohali
Training in Mohali
Training in Mohali
Training Institute Mohali
Mohali Training
Mohali Training Institute

Application Review

We are taking reviews from the consumers which will help us to improve our services and will prompt us to serve you better.

What do We offer?

Online Order

Log on to our website or you can call us and select food type. Subscribe to a monthly package of your choice

Fast Delivery

The food will be given hot in steel boxes right from the kitchen within 45 minutes of cooking

Hygienic Food

The food will be provided from the freshly sourced vegetables every morning with a regular rotation of menu

Freshly Cooked

To maintain the freshness, taste, nutrients, the food is prepared and delivered right at the Lunch Time straight from the kitchen within 45 minutes of cooking.

Sunday With Special Food

Each Tuesday we deliver Special food for you. On Sunday special, We make some special and very tasty food like Kheer-Puri, Dal Bati, Sweets, Chole Bhature, Idli, Dosa, Paneer, Veg Biryani, Dhokla, Gajar halwa, etc. On the last of the month, we start a special tour for all HOMEMADE FOODS.

We Also Deliver To Your Office


How does our service work?

  • Register
  • Choose your meal plan & shipping address
  • Order online and make payment either with cash on delivery or online payment
  • Processing in tiffin office and confirmation of the order
  • Delivery at your doorstep
  • If satisfied- Review us on our website or refer our pais

Why choose Tiffin Services in Mohali?

Wholesome and Healthy

We take utmost care in assuring that every meal is devoid of nasty preservatives, food colorants, or additives and each meal is nutrient-dense and seasoned with love and care.

Homemade by home chefs

Tiffin Services in Mohali takes pride in empowering local home-chefs by helping them showcase their culinary skills. So, every feed you buy results in the upliftment of a home-chef.

One-stop shop

Whether you are wanting a homemade delicacy or a simple home-cooked meal, you can constantly count on us for all your food-related needs, from breakfast to dinner.

Stress-Free Experience

Bid goodbye to the trouble of planning what to cook, where to buy groceries from, or figuring out a healthy recipe on a busy day - as Tiffin services in Mohali has got it all covered.

Diverse and delightful

From everyday meals, delicious biryanis, exclusive treats for special occasions, to an extensive range of baked goods and essential condiments -we have ticked all the boxes.

Diligent Delivery

Our hard-working delivery partners are highly effective in ensuring that our food reaches your doorstep in the safest and most hassle-free way possible.

Don’t worry about the delivery

We deliver tiffin at your doorstep home or office. We have a well-trained delivery boy who gives tiffin on time.

Looking for quality salad recipes?

We properly maintain and 100% focus on hygiene and cleanliness of food in tiffin. We are focused on a clean kitchen and hygiene food in your tiffin. We offer fresh vegetables, daal, rice, roti, salad, and much more in our tiffin.

We offer fresh, hygienic, and healthy food to customers

Tiffin Services in Mohali provide hot food at your doorstep. We have good quality tiffin which manages food hygiene and is hot till open tiffin.


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